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Why are knights so strong in this game?

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    Originally posted by 御萧xXLJXx View Post
    actually they are very strong.

    when you knights have 10k ptk 10k pdef. and 35k+hp. they don't even use defensive skills and the natural defense alone is enough. they just walk up to you and smack you and you die lol. their WW hit for 7~10k depend on your pdef. their normal swing witll hit for 5k ~8k. and their skill golf shot will hit for 7k+. that's when you have 7k pdef...

    knights actually very strong. . . you'll see..

    1 of my server I saw have a Mage with 12k of PDEF and 15k of MDEF. And with around 20k of MATK, and up to 45k of healths. How is that Knight beat him?.

    Also, if you compare with same level as him with others class, I don't think he was that tough! You sound like level 75 vs level 20.
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      so you want to nerf knights who are only just now enjoying success after suffering through the early levels? lol. who's unfair now? i never heard any peep when knights were being smashed levels 40 below.

      you ask why knights are strong late game? that's reward for dedication. not many will persevere to get to level 40. those that do get rewarded. to take that away is just cruel. you had your time. let knights have their time too.

      everything will balance out in the end. i think at even higher levels, all the classes will eventually be balanced out.


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        Let's just rumble in the Duel and group arenas shall we?

        And enjoy the game.
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          Originally posted by Ratty_Da_Nom View Post
          I said level 35-40 archers and MAGES, not just level 35 its a case of you misreading.... I clearly referred to PARTIES, not individuals...

          its not uncommon for me to see level 45 players with level 45 gear, not fully enchanted with level 6 gems but sucky astrals, no academy skills and troops that are 5-7 levels below their characters level and all cos the money ran out or they did not work on their character.....

          I spend a average 16 hours a day online growing crops, hitting the wilds etc etc... all the things I have to do to get the stuff for my troops and academy research... cos I do not have a 1k a day spending allowance and a good character takes a lot of work, not just a credit card.....
          Mages can, archers cant....its simple and dont tell me that their gears wasnt enchanted enough and their astrals sucked coz ANYONE who has the patience to stick with a knight till lvl 45(while archers and mages OWN them) will not give up on his knight just when he starts to get strong(gears not fully enchanted is a sign of giving up), come on man i have played this game long enough to know that u were exagerating
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            If knight not strong enough, then you will to be the one to tank when you run the dungeon.