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  • Refine lock

    Can a mod enlighten me as to where we can get refinement locks now?

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    Oh snap, that's right. Jewel Hunt used to give out refined locks along with the good stuff​. Guess they will know now where to get them.
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      no new players left behind the quitters XD


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        I think how they have it set up now there is no need for refinement locks because the stats keep rising every time you refine…so once it gets to lvl10 stats there's no going back…..however, the only issue you will have is gambling to get the necessary attributes for your equipment.


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          There is absolutely a need. Even with only ONE stat not locked, it took me over 10 refines to get the right one. Without locks, it would have been a complete nightmare.


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            Originally posted by Darkwise View Post
            Can a mod enlighten me as to where we can get refinement locks now?
            The issue with obtaining refinement locks and its inherent concern has been reported. While stats will not decrease in value, protecting the stats you like is something people have come to value, and with refinement crystals not as plentiful as they once were.. well, trust me when I say we understand the point you are making, loud and clear.

            So far though, we have not been told of any ways to obtain them, but we will keep trying to get some answers.
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              well now this is R2 tactics to use balens for refine lock.


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                For us in the sub 300 server cluster I doubt it is an issue, I have plenty. So obviously an attempt to make new players that wanna compete server wide to spend balens on locking the right stats


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                  Also they were removed from Fishing ...

                  And for sylph and eudemon gear they were never enabled.
                  But as both refining items are now rare (golden sand is now rare from Spire NM = no guild beast/expedition drops, eudemon refining stones are events only), I do not care so much.

                  It seems the goal of R2 is to have all for balens