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If a Guild Master transfers leadership does he loose Therion Sandrider???

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  • If a Guild Master transfers leadership does he loose Therion Sandrider???

    Hi Storm and R2Games staff, i have a doubt about Guild Battle mount.
    We still need to win this week war ofc, but in case we do (wish good luck from here to our opponents) i have planned to transfer leadership on the final day so assistants and officcers enjoy the mount from time to time.


    ¿If after they get the mount they transfer leadership to me (or to other person) will they loose the mount?

    Its a simple question hehehe, hope i get an answer soon R2 guys, ty very much for your time.

    Shirokane lvl 63 Knight s1 Havoc!!!!!

  • #2
    i doubt it..

    if you get it it should stay with only you for 1 week.

    i doubt the mount automatically changes to new owner, after all r2 must then the winning gm the mount, 'manually'


    • #3
      i've been wondering the same thing and was going to do the same with the mount (let other people use it) if any one finds out please post. thanks


      • #4
        that's mighty nice of you to do that :P
        Have a problem? Submit your Ticket .


        • #5
          no. it's a token that you use, similar to the VIP token you get at the beggining of the game. Once you use the token, it's yours for 7 days.

          how do i know? I have one ;D.


          • #6
            thanks TheMajor guess i have to be selfish then xD


            • #7
              Shiro I am going to steal your horses one day! Muwahahaha!!!!
              [S1] Temple of Ibalize


              • #8
                hope we face your guild again Shiro lol.. last time your guild overpowered us lol )

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