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purgatory help?

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  • purgatory help?

    guys how to get past lv 27? around 2 months ago almost killed it so waited, got stronger and tryed again. now i cant even take 1 life or kill the mobs. wth?

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    You arent the only one with this problem. A couple of patches ago they pretty much upped the difficulty of crypt dungeons.


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      enough fire RES?


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        Don't listen to the ignorant tool. 19k fire resist will still get you killed. You basically jumped from -60% damage resistance to -63% when you go from 7k resist to 19k resist. That extra 3% won't save you.

        The problem with all PvE combat is that R2 nerfed the resistances big time. Sure, you have bigger numbers in your stat block, but R2 reduced the resistances' damage reduction from 90% to 60% for the average toon (i.e., 6x L9 resistance crystals for that element). That means you are suddenly taking 4x the damage that you used to. And suddenly, Sky Trail, Purge Maze, Spire and everything that requires resistance or resistance reduction suddenly become far more difficult.

        That is the basic problem with all PvE combats.