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    Originally posted by Xhiah View Post
    Chinese business is completely different than here.
    A lot gaming businesses that go into China will follow similar Pay to Win models to their games.
    It is a known fact that china does produce poor quality products to the masses. The people to blame is China's government and the businesses (not even all are chinese owners) that are exploiting it. The Chinese people are suffering because those ....... in position are childish and act like r2.
    It is a fact that there are a lot more Pay to Win titles in China than not. This leads to the Chinese citizens being accepting that most majority of games are like this.
    They are not exposed to a lot of Western type games that we normally play.
    We also have to look at the beliefs in the Eastern World.
    I can say a lot of people believe in Karma in Asia. whether religiously or not, it is a belief that has been inside deeply culturally as well.
    THis is the concept of "If you're rich, you have done well and please your karma in the past live" while others if not "You have this life because of some big mistakes you've made in your past live". This is the majority view in Asian countries. In Western, we are not taught this. We are taught everyone has an equal chance and there is nothing holding us back from that".
    This mentality that goes back hundreds to thousands of years isn't going to change in just one day.

    I would suggest extensive research of chinese culture, beliefs, government, business modules, and history.

    I'm a moderator.
    The stance you're taking on "racism" is a ****** one. No doubt it's filled with leftist bull ****.
    Don't judge a book by its cover.
    I would say something about this, but it is always hilarious to see an idiot trying to lecture an Asian on Asian culture, so I will just let it stand. Seriously, reading a book about something doesn't make you a professor on the subject. What a tool.

    As for you being a moderator, yeah, that kind of arrogant trolling would be what i'd expect of a R2 mod. Pfft!
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      Originally posted by Meikura001 View Post
      Has nothing to do with race, Ada. It has more to do with my disgust in my 8 year gaming life, and experience with Chinese developers in making games that brings the hype (all the kids to the yard), then ultimately resorting to tactics that will tick off even the most avid spender. I don't spend now because I had to learn the hard way when IGG gave me a nice reach around with my 4k USD (yeah, got my settlement check so I thought I would be a maller). Since then, I've been checking out every game that looks typically badass. However, that luster wears out when we have <expletive> like this happening. It doesn't cost R2 anything to making a game playable again, however, they are not doing such. They are biding their time to see how many more of us will quit until they officially say "due to not enough support, Wartune will close its doors" sometime in the near future. I already had it happen on games from other developers, and we are fighting to keep the others going. We come to love this game, and it's a <expletive> slap in the face as of now.

      Basically, I have come to the conclusion that all Chinese developers are just the damn same. So when Wartune does go down in flames, I will be finding a developer who is reputable if I want to keep playing online games. If that makes me a racist, so be it.
      It does, and you are. Thanks for confirming.


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        Okay, can we all hop off the racism train for a moment, please, and get back on the topic, whatever that topic was.

        Just to clarify one point while I am here, Xhiah might be a moderator somewhere, but is not a moderator here.
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          Originally posted by dennyh View Post
          If your trying to get us to quit, then shut down the game, if your not trying to get us to quit

          then fix the lag, logging/refreshing every 15 minutes is ridic and dont even try to tell me my system cant handle it.

          we all know where the problem is, so fish or cut bait....

          we are all getting sick of the **
          quit so you wont refresh everytime then start reading topics that turns to racism thread hahaha

          Edit: like you'll be in awe of how the F your thread ended
          Last edited by R27560757SpeeDHunter; 11-15-2015, 12:34 AM.
          I Quit, if you wanna ask regarding to any of my thread or post, i wont answer you.
          and do me a favor, downgrade my reputation. Im done.


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            Back to thread topics:

            1) We are facing issues with the Wartune clone, issues that not all are present in other clones:
            - huge lag, which is caused mostly by JavaScript (who blocked them, see reduced lag, comparable to other clones)
            - issues with re-appearing bugs and reverted features - non-sellable star tear shards (looks like issue in clone configuration, or low code branch version control)
            - lots of features that are unfinished or buggy - 4v4 arena (even it was intension to mix all players, now boring for both ends - low BR players constantly facing defeat, high BR players leaving due to afk wins = no challenge)

            2) Bugs are not resolved in the order of player's pain, but provider's (ToK issue resolved in 1 day but previously left unresolved for months, starting event repaired in few hours; while star tear shards are not resolved even in 1 week regular maintenance)
            - and we still face the "R2 always puts players first" promo
            - bugs around fused sylphs have not premium focus priority
            - focus dungeon like sylph expedition bugs (bugs in skill #6 etc) has no focus priority

            3) Intentionally opening gap between
            - new players and old ones (gems, RES, crystals, divinity souls ...; mixing arena, BG ...)
            - whales and rest of paying/free players (fused sylphs vs. limited availability of advanced mahra/sepulchre)
            - even paying versus free users (by limiting items to be gained free from dungeons and move them to shop or events)

            4) R2Games support becomes more arrogant and less reading the submitted tickets (asking for content which was already submitted? denying responsibility for bad translations? merging unrelated tickets?)
            - registration emails should be resolved soon (MemoyLane), but after 2 months, still in issue
            - asking for pictures, videos for monthly event related things that can be extracted from log, only to block resolution? There is big difference between issue and bug, first line support should help with workarounds, not try to annoy players

            This only can lead to two intensions:
            a) It is forcing leave procedure (= reduction of player's base) due to soon end of the clone
            b) R2Games' B-1 management is not ready for this game period so unintentionally they are forcing us to leave


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              Originally posted by AdaJames View Post
              I would say something about this, but it is always hilarious to see an idiot trying to lecture an Asian on Asian culture, so I will just let it stand. Seriously, reading a book about something doesn't make you a professor on the subject. What a tool.

              As for you being a moderator, yeah, that kind of arrogant trolling would be what i'd expect of a R2 mod. Pfft!
              Forgive me, I meant Moderate, not moderator. Your refusal to "comment" shows you have no knowledge on the subject. If you would like, please to message me all you know about everything China
              Anyways back to the subject on this thread (like it should have been)

              There are many issues that need to be fixed.
              I find it funny r2 fix a bug in TOk that help players but won't address real issues affecting players.


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                Originally posted by AdaJames View Post
                It does, and you are. Thanks for confirming.
                Suit yourself. Not going to resort in a game of ping pong with you. I voiced my feedback, and its done.

                Now that's out of the way, getting back to topic at hand. This game is going to an early grave by driving its player base out, both spender and non-spender alike, with shenanigans like these. As I have said, it doesn't cost R2 relatively anything to fix the muck ups they had caused, but they aren't doing it. To be blatantly honest with anyone, this is a good game in design and playability, and can provide hours of enjoyment when done right. With all of these suggestions, to include my own, Wartune would have been the hottest game in spite of its longevity (three years should really say something). But again, they are not doing anything.

                Just remember this, though, one method or model might work for one set, but not for all; therefore, it's not a one-size-fits-all thing in my book.
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