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Guild Contribution

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  • Guild Contribution

    Hi Developer team,

    I think its a great idea to have the ability to speed up cooldown of guild upgrade. However, the system currently uses the balens from the guild master alone.
    I don't donate very much and I think some other guild masters would agree with me on this that it can sometimes be very expensive to tank the cost of the cooldown alone.
    Could you add another system similar to guild contribution where player could contribute balen to the guild.
    The system is already there but currently contribution using balen is being put into guild wealth. If you could just separate them, it would be nice.

    Thank you.

    Anybody else has some thought on this?

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    agree with u wrote that would be nc for us player and sure also for R2!!!


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      +1 for balens contribution , so cash player could help the guild to improve .
      [S36] The Graveyard
      DiåboLicå Guild


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        +1 to This Idea )
        Guild: Oracle

        It's amazing what we can accomplish when we Serve as One, Focusing on ALL, Giving Credit to None.