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Light sylph skills,help?

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  • Light sylph skills,help?

    Hello guys,I am confused about 2 skills of light sylph. Do I need to get light arrows 135% dmg 2-4 targets 15sec cd...or beam sword 130% 1-2targets and 5 sec cd? TY for advice and help

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    I think light arrows is the better option, but you could replace shining strike with beam sword too. I don't think beam sword is good enough to want along with shining strike though.


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      If I were you, I'd go all out on the AoE with the light sylph.

      That means Sword of Judgement, Ray, Light Arrows, Prayer and Beam Sword.

      Use it for when you need to deal with massed enemier, like in TOK.


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        My skills are:
        Light Arrow, Impaling Light, Delphic Sword of Judgement, Divine Prayer, and Ray.
        Don't try to make this sylph into a single damage base one. That's not how it was made to be. It works best with AoE. Within the time-frame of being in your sylph, you would not be using beam sword often.


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          Beam Sword has its place. As I said, with the new ultra nerfs in TOK, AoE attacks is king. I use my Athena in the place of my Zeus in TOK.

          Light is an AoE sylph. Use it as such.