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Get Zoe to give Lara her job back (Wilds Shop and Market)

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  • Get Zoe to give Lara her job back (Wilds Shop and Market)

    Since Zoe took over Lara's job and got rid of the feature where we could purchase items through the use of in game items without Balens.. Lara has been jobless.

    I forget if there was a given reason behind the merging of the two shops outside of my guess as to trying to get the playerbase to spend money for certain items at a discount rate..
    I was wondering if it would be an issue to give Lara her job back selling special items that the regular Shop doesn't offer at certain intervals and allow Zoe to continue her old shop
    where you could purchase items through Daru/Kyanite/Gold/Mystery Stone.

    Anyone else believe Lara should get her job back?
    Yes! I believe it was dumb to combine the two shops.
    No! I like the new Wilds Shop System.
    *shrug* It doesn't bother me either way.

  • #2
    It is probably because no one bought from Lara in the first place. Balens to buy, balens to refresh, balens to do anything, and the morons at R2 expect us to buy so much from her that they "generously" increase your ability to buy from her if you are a VIP by 90. They'd be lucky to have someone buy stuff from Lara ONCE EVER, let alone 100 times per day...


    • #3
      Not only that, they made mystery stones redundant for once...
      I don't see any point in doing wilds anymore except to synth the wilds mount again for beast souls


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        Only reason to buy from lara was to get the mire rune, which never showed up for me in 2 years xD


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          I like the new shop system ok, but I would like it a lot more if they mixed in items that didn't require balens. The old mystery shop was worthless, and the old wilds shop was pretty nice, so the new one averages that together to be mediocre.


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            Even though I voted "YES" on this, I would not mind taking Lara with me. I could use a housekeeper.

            Also, I've done about threw away my mystery stones since it would be impossible to get 1200 for that mount if I am getting like 1-2 per fight (if lucky) within my rewards quota.
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              the new mystery shop item selection, pricing & refresh mechanism are much better than the old mystery shop. even tho i hate to spend balens & most items are still overpriced, on average i made a purchase in it every other day.

              wilds shop was just too important for getting fashion charms & rose bundles. but i HATED to go check it in cloud city every day at a fixed refresh time. i'd rather its refresh mechanism follows the new mystery shop's, & like to see it integrated with the lion icon rather than some NPC in cloud city.

              with this much said, it doesn't matter the NPC is zoe or lara, i don't want to visit them any ways. it would be best if they put back the OLD WILD SHOP AS A TAB under the new mystery shop.