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steel wars, can u remove point limit? otherwise its a waste of time.

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  • steel wars, can u remove point limit? otherwise its a waste of time.

    I played Thursday didnt score 30 points no rewards, oponent never turned up over in minutes

    Saturday, scored 10 points, no reward.

    You should get rewards no matter for this event otherwise its a "dont bother" event.

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    it seems that they have not cleared the old alliances out of the list as one of our old ones is still listed in the rankings but has no members, not even the leader of the alliance. The last 3 of 4 battles we had there was absolutely no one on the other side and the last one had only 3 players on the other side. we had a number of players that got no rewards because even with our members standing around doing nothing they could not all get 30 points. I agree. either remove the old no player alliances from the rotation or drop the point requirement. Steel wars used to be fun now it is just jump in and stand there for 5 minutes.


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      Steel wars has so many bugs and such a defective design it's easily the worst of the x-server events. Destroying the respawn totem should be impossible to begin with, occupying the center should not be a penalty, and that would solve the major design issues. Then it merely becomes as unpleasant as regular tanks matches, with some added bugs to annoy you.


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        i joined every steel war on every toon, but got rewards only twice TOTAL. it's a lengthy, buggy, laggy event with below-average rewards (even tho the 'average' as defined by now in game is already low enough) at best & NO REWARDS IN MOST CASES. my ONLY incentive is the title. once i get it, steel war is gone for me forever & will never ever come back.