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again a stupid eud fight

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  • again a stupid eud fight

    after to have fight of heals during months before you open your eyes and mind to fix that,now it's this wind archer ,it's so stupid when you try to put something ingame without try it before,first try already to create a char dear devs before add somethnig and try to play with all the lags you put and all the stupid things you added,it's not stop to recharge we must do,it's stop to play,the gameplay is worse patch after patch and you're only able to add more things open your eyes guys,you can see more thread is bug section than threads in all others sections.When i see you need only find a way with this crit number to reduce lag and you do nothing since years !!!!!!!
    I know i talk to nobody,coz they dont care so muchhhhh.It's just time to quit this game and all R2 games too,coz it's the same mess in each game