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aegis major? refined goddess blessing

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  • aegis major? refined goddess blessing

    well i am torn between the two because i dont know the math behind them, personal opinion wise, which is better?

    level 1 on the 2 astrals are..

    refined goddess blessing - reduce all damage by 3%

    aegis major - reduce all damage values by 40

    which one would be better?

  • #2
    3% of 1300 is 39 so if you get hit for more than 1300 most of the time id say the Refined goddess blessing would be better.


    • #3
      is that how it really works?


      • #4
        can you use them both?


        • #5
          you can use only 1 of them - reduce dmg % is always better its not like Will Destroyer - Ruthlessness (this both u can use on same time)


          • #6
            I have an 8% goddess blessing.... but im not sure that it is really an 8% reduction.... I'm curious to when they insert the x% into the damage equation


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              They don't stack.
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                I have a knight that uses goddess, at higher levels this is the one you want.

                My mage uses aegis, the only time aegis is better is against multi-hit attacks, it takes damage out of each hit

                Whirlwind hits for 1200 3 times
                Aegis reduces each hit by 160 (lvl 4) which results in - 1040 x 3 = 3120
                Goddess reduces each hit by 144 (lvl 4) which results in - 1056 x 3 = 3168

                Ultimate slasher hits for 3000 1 time
                Aegis results in 2840
                Goddess results in 2640


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                  the damage reduce has a chance of doing the full percentage reduced in damage the aegis is set reduced damage taking points away from a persons intell and power and the amount is the ratio 4 attack to ever power or intel point reducedi have both been starting to experiment with them both right now my aegis is level 3 and my reduced is level 5 and only difference is around 200 damge the reduced damage goes up and down but the aegis stays constant amounts