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Ieva of S58!

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  • Ieva of S58!

    Ieva of S58 is the best guild leader ^_~ Just wanted to share that

    If you know Ieva give a shout

    Infact while I am at it! KittyKat Awesome, Dran Awesome, Bise Awesome, gabby Awesome, Love Kitty Awesome, mikachu Awesome, Pilas Awesome, annetteane Awesome, Buttwop Awesome, aaaa Awesome, Slag Awesome, Shaelynn Awesome, Jerry Awesome, nameses Awesome, CrazyHell Awesome, Smokenjim Awesome, Divinity Awesome, plowking Awesome, Taeyeon Awesome, seejay Awesome, Miya Awesome, viper Awesome, Sythrix Awesome, texx Awesome, dhenz25 Awesome, Sunni Awesome, NoraiYon Awesome, HUTAURUK Awesome, Gelal Awesome

    Keep being great people! *thumbs up*
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    is that your whole guild u listing

    u could just say ISuk on server 58 is awesome ya know?

    MysterA uhhh 1.3 mil br
    Slyph orange Hecate 136k br


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      This is Game Discussion section. You post it in wrong place ?_?
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