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MSG sistem, friend list, announcment etc

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  • MSG sistem, friend list, announcment etc

    There is a few things that will greatly improve gaming overall.
    1.Msg sistem is to bad.Why i need to wait someone to get online to msg him!!!!!!! CMN guys It woud be nice if you improve that like in all great online games
    2.Friend list:why is there a limit of max person in friend list ,and other thing i wish to see improved farm friend list if you can add guild window on a farm friend list it woud be awesome
    3.anouncments and game notifications pop out in every chat window like crazy if im in the middle of conversation i need to scroll up and down to catch someone tought.Take that out from chat windows is so anoying and place it above chat separated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    1: You can send mail to people if they are offline.

    2: Wartune is a cash shop game, and expanding the friend list is one of the perks of being a VIP.


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      Chat has not improved by merging friends and guildchats.
      Friendslist is restricted and I'm always throwing people out to let others in but it's a cumbersome operation.
      Farmfriends: no idea who is an unproductive farmer i.e. who should be thrown out.
      Can't seem to be able to chat anymore whilst in a fight, i.e. can't chat in party while others can??? No idea how that happened.
      I have people in friends and in guild lists of contact. Seems a waste of a space.
      What are 'strangers'? Another list but no idea who they are.
      To mail costs 'money'. LOL! A 100 isn't that much but why???


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        ok i found out how to msg tnx but all games online are cash games and they dont have limits on friend list they meke their money on comercial not on poor ppl!!!!!! what if guild number is 201 whom to left out.And 1 more thing limits on number of letters when you writhe in chat and delay of sending other tought hahahahhaah