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1 and only 1 effective way to reduce lag when on multiple browser tabs (multitasking)!!

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  • 1 and only 1 effective way to reduce lag when on multiple browser tabs (multitasking)!!

    Hello, we have to admit it. Everyone does multitasking when playing wartune, there are so many stuff to be done and nobody can just do wartune.

    So we end up watching movies, series, listening to music and all those nice things in our browsers. But what happens when we play wartune as well? We end up with massive lag after a while and we just have to refresh over and over again.

    Here s a simple treat for ya all that i bet u dont do.

    1. When u need to play wartune with more than one account at the same time, dont use one browser for both. Use one with internet explorer and one with chrome browser (or mini client + chrome, and all the combinations u can thing of).

    2. Any flash player activity including youtube or other website video/music streaming. Have them on 1 browser, and the wartune account in another type of browser (same way i mentioned in number 1).

    In conclusion, why do i say that? when u people use 1 browser for all those things, flash player tends to crash, lag and generally speaking has big memory issues. I am a very good example, cause using these tips my medium hardware computer with ONLY 2GB ram is playing wartune extreemly good even when i multitask (i am big fan of youtube ).
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    Wartune can still be enjoyable if u know what to look for.

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    I use the mini client and listen to music with ie...... I have a decent pc and I still have to refresh it seems every 5 min lol


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      I use ps3 to watch netflix while playing, I still lag xD

      Btw isn't client ie based? maybe try chrome or firefox for music instead? Maybe that doesn't matter tho...


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        you will probably find 99% of what you watch on youtube is now html5
        Shadow Vale


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          miniclient is using internet explorer files, so u actually have ie + ie and that s the reason u refresh so often.
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          Wartune can still be enjoyable if u know what to look for.