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Critical and Block ????

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    Originally posted by Gyoka View Post
    pronab , the dodge thing is coming from single astral (any Enshieldment right?) but sometimes when i use Enshieldment and Illusion it went like this( 1 damage Dodge[color=Blue]) is that stacking between the illusion with the enshieldment or something else and to be more confused sometimes (when i fought against archer especially with their MS) i got Ex: 2424 (color = Bright red) and Dodge texted below it (color = blue) how is that happened?


    archer shoot critical and knight blocked it what is ur problem

    Critical stats is just for increasing chance not Damage .. "Determination Astral" increase Critical Damage

    your attack have min / max .. if u assumed ur attack min/max range is 2000/3000 " Normal attack not Critical "

    Critical = 150% Normal Damage so with critical ur min/max go for 3000/4500 "without Determination Astral"

    Determination can change the 150% for 170% ~ 180% etc based on astral level


    about block u need knight to help u .. but i think block stats just for block chance too

    and no relation between block stats and Dodge astral at all
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