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game speed and constant freezing

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  • game speed and constant freezing

    does anyone know why the lag is so bad after the last patch. I see the banner that claims its optimized, not for game speed that's for sure I have the fastest cable internet and may as well have dial up as far as the game speed is concerned keeps dumping me out freezing in dungeons and in general the worst it has been in 3 years.

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    Its because they had a Maintenance to "Fix" the lag issues :P
    But on a serious note think alot of it is to do with the new hide button feature, things have been way worse since that was implemented for me :/
    I too am freezing alot in places like tok and especially in arena or like tonight in TW`s where the Crit clouds are making it so I can`t even move or even refresh as everything just freezes up on me


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      yep sounds like my problem especially in tara and neranders remains and like you in tok grrrr


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        Game issues are caused by:

        - Game own network issues - game works in burst mode, when every message between client and server should be exchanged as single message
        - Game own CPU/RAM issues - all the effects are synchronous, so instead of having asynchronous Crit clouds, we have to wait till it is drawn before game will accept our next step

        - R2Games issue on transport - majority of pictures and scripts are uncompressed during transport
        - R2Games issue with RAM/CPU - we are extensively logged but scripts has huge errors and they use heavy aggregation processing by jQuery.js

        So blocking of and scripts from helps, but still we need to reduce the transport by both compressing and reducing unneeded transport (we have hide button, but all stuff is still downloaded).


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          P-J-J if that is at the firewall level, I am going to try those two and run it again. Thanks.
          UPDATED EDIT: Nope can't block either one of them without the web page looking like a file directory of an Apache server.
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   can be blocked by hosts file
            for r2cdn2 you need NoScript or other tool that allows URL blocking as you need not block the launch button, the security hole with the logging information (who really process credentials in JavaScript?) and the game.js launching the game