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refinement locks

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  • refinement locks

    is there any way to get refinement locks now? ive been looking, but i cant see any way to get them now. if anyone has any info about where to get them it would be welcome. thanks in advance.

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    Huh, hadn't thought about it since I had too many for so long, but nope, there is no regular source for them any more. Just one more example of Wartune shutting the door in the face of new players, I guess.


    • #3
      i seem to be one of the few from my server thats facing the issue. maybe i had bad luck with getting them, as i know other players who have plenty left. but this is a bit upsetting....i dont feel like gambling over and over on stats. would love to be able to lock the best ones.


      • #4
        r2 puts the players first....


        • #5
          Originally posted by dennyh View Post
          r2 puts the players first....
          if this is what putting us first looks like i dont wanna know what it would look like if they didnt


          • #6
            I got the bulk of my locks from the old jewel hunt. Not sure how to get them now.


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              As I said somewhere else, r2 changed the way refining works, so think this is their way to milk the new players that comes into the game on refines.