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your losing us and you say you put players first

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  • your losing us and you say you put players first

    I cant believe the apathy with which you are looking at this game.

    Your losing your clientele, your letting the game circle the drain and you act like nothings wrong.
    You need to remove patch 5.0. And speed is of the essence. Your losing droves of people every day and all you can do is put out some cupcaked banner
    about you put players first, I'm not sure what is second....

    Remove patch 5.0, put in new patch 5.1 or 5.2, and do only the slyph expedition and dimension change from 5.0. Revert everything else back to pre 5.0
    Your arena matching has made Arena unplayable, one minute matching for 5 seconds of 4 on 1 fighting. Grade - Fail

    Sky trail glitching - just wait 30 minutes and refresh and voila another 500 energy. Grade - Fail

    Any game play whatsoever - must refresh approx every 15 minutes. Grade - Fail

    I am sure there is more, and please feel free to add to the list

    Worst patch in the history of online gaming - Patch 5.0, hands down
    way to kibosh a game on one patch

    congratulations r2 you sure put the players first....

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    You still did not get that they call themselves players?

    The whole new unfinished and less secure portal and lag causing JavaScript monitoring is for them only game, where they are teaching themselves how to program in JavaScript and PHP in next company they will work on.

    All the context-less responses and ticket merges from R2 support is only game with us, how long we will submit tickets before we realize that they do not want to do support. Even not take responsibility for poor English translation.

    All the test servers exists only to have early access to game features to play with, no regress testing, no test cases, test scenarios, no test plan.

    Valuation team has also game - how much they can nerf before all but the whales leave?

    And prepare events where they want more for almost useless Scourge mage than for Oracle/Hunter/Knight - this is game or they feel it OK?

    So R2 always put players first, but they do not mean players-customers.


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      they said they "put players first", but never said what they put players first for, coz the answer is too obvious :P


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        speaking truth on server cost me 10 balens thats 4 times in a month and half you dont fixed anything.almost all rewards removed from runs.shards in crypt shop gone mostly.only if you do arenas that cashers rule at no chance of getting only please whales even alot of them left im a lvl 80 player i ranned with quite a few of them.they dont like the lagged,getting kicked from room to find out lost their attemp. game freezing or server went down all of sudden most times if happen takes 20 minutes or more get back was fun when it was old Wartune where you rush home to meet friends all over the ev1 all over complain about the game we all love.R2 there is no accountability in your company you pay us off with compensation to clogged our inventory.fix the damn game alot of us dont like playing this waiting for it to die.i say get rid of all the dead weight in your company put ppl who spend 10 hours or more a day on the game.see how messed up and broken the game is


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          I guess that's why I feel like Capt'n Ahab. I've got all the whales while the other fish won't touch arena as it seems. Tired of refreshing every 15 mins myself, and this includes time just blitzing that it degrades; so here goes another refresh.

          Putting players first........... right........ putting them FIRST onto the curb.
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