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    Just a Few Thoughts


    So, it's been a few years since I played Wartune (I stopped playing around the time when they first introduced cross-realm battlegrounds). I was a moderate casher, nothing too extreme by todays standards, but more than enough to stay competitive with my world. Over the past year or so I've considered coming back again twice, but over the course of doing my research on the game and learning about all of the new changes, I've always decided against playing even though I am still heavily addicted to the what the game used to resemble.

    Now these are just my thoughts, and I felt like sharing them just to kill a few minutes, so don't take it personally if you don't agree, it is what it is.

    The absolute most important aspect of a game like Wartune is its community. A community is driven by three things, the need to work together for mutual gain, the aspect of having enemies and rivals to compete against and push you beyond what your normal limits would be, and last but definitely not least, a viable and semi-competitive way for the majority of the non-casher population to play the game, as these people are the ones that make up the bulk of the community and make being powerful and having a reputation worth something.

    Since I've been gone, there are three key problems that have taken away the most important aspects of this game (in my opinion):

    1) Cross realm content. When I played, there was very little cross realm content, everything you did was between the peers in your own world. This created a unique environment, and everyone formed closer relationships which made the world itself more immersive. Not only that, but everyone on your world started at the same time, making sure that you're all within a reasonable range of each other in terms of power. With the way cross-world events work right now, you end up fighting against people that you have no history or relationship with, they can be from much older worlds meaning you stand no chance against them, and it just creates a rift that makes me not even want to start playing the game again. I support cross-world events if the worlds that are being crossed are always worlds that were made at very similar times (for example, world 10 and world 11, NOT world 10 and world 100). In my personal opinion, this is doing far more damage than good.

    2) Cashers. I fully support developers and games making money, last time I played I put 300$ into this game within the span of a month. This problem ties in to #1, why would I ever invest any amount of money into a new server when I know I'm going to be fighting against characters that have been around 100 times longer than my own? What incentive is there to commit to something that is pretty much already a lost cause? I'm a moderate casher when I play, and if I feel like there's no point, good luck getting new players which "should" be forming the bulk of your community to see any hope of ever getting anywhere.

    3) Bugs and lag. It's self explanatory, you're not taking proper care of your game.

    The bottom line is, Wartune had it right a long time ago, and it's something I would have loved to dedicate to again, it's just sad that the state of the game leaves me so demoralized that I don't even bother playing at all.

    I hope things take a turn for the better somewhere along the way.

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    I remember those days - battlegrounds were popular must-play events, with only 1-3 spawn campers, and many players anticipated moving up to the next medallion. ... and guild battles commonly lasted the whole hour on Fridays, with guilds actually battling to have more points than the other guild at the end of the hour.

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