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Hades and Gaia(power difference)

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  • Hades and Gaia(power difference)

    Hello guys I want to ask is theredifference about gaia and hades when you deal dmg to players or monsters or is it just to put more sepulcrum??? ty

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    If you mean by Gaia evolved Hades, yes definitely difference even with same sepulchre - Gaia is stronger despite it has 4 new skills that are stronger too

    If you mean by Gaia the Eve (originally named Gaia), difference depends on the RES system, sepulchre and mahra and your class (Eve adds 5% MATK to mages) - generally Eve has stronger skills, but limited ability to attack more targets at once; but:
    a) high dark RES can make Hades stronger
    b) Hades also do not lose attack turn when healing himself, Eve need 1 turn to heal (and to add DEF buff)
    c) Hades also adds 5% PDEF, so PATK opponent need more time to beat you