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Wind Sylph Skill : Winds Grace

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  • Wind Sylph Skill : Winds Grace

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section or people alr ask this but i would like to clarify on this skill "Winds Grace" for Wind sylph
    Description says :
    145% + 200 physical wind damage to 2-4 enemies. Enemy defenses reduced 50 points for 3 rounds.

    What does it mean by Enemy Defenses reduced 50 points does it mean our defense is reduced by 50%?Does this applies to PVE too?like bosses in spire and whatnot
    In-Game Name : Qiu Qiu
    Guild :?
    BR: 6M
    Class : Mage
    Lvl : Duke ArchMage

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    It means that the pdef and mdef of whatever you're fighting will be reduced by 200 points (1 point of defense = 4 mdef and 4 pdef). Unless you are under the effects of a chaos rune, in which case you might hit your own team mates and eudeamons. Frankly the defense reduction against higher level players and npcs is a bit useless. 200 points from my 270k pdef isn't going to make much difference. Still it's a decent damaging aoe skill which makes up for it.