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arena points reset again?

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  • arena points reset again?

    It appears to me that my arena points seemed to have been reset again this Saturday or Sunday.

    After receiving the weekly rewards on Thursday, my arena points, league group & PvP points were reset.
    I did arena on Thursday & Friday, & my group showed as Silver on Friday.
    However, I received iron group rewards yesterday (Sunday), & today I saw my group shows up as Iron again, & my PvP points showed up as 120 again!!! That would have been impossible for 3 days of 15 wins each.
    It seems like arena has been reset again, sometime this Saturday or Sunday.
    Anyone else has the same situation?

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    Same, there are few resets that they still not properly adjusted:

    - 4v4 arena
    - sylph expedition


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      I think there is a delay in between the reset and receiving the rewards. Prior to Saturday's attempted reset, my boys were at gold group, but no reward mail and no league insigs. However, on Sunday (the day after), my boys were shot back to Iron group. So I am thinking there is a 3-4 day hold on the rewards (which I think it's pointless) before you get them. Test that out by recording the total point amounts after each day as well as the group placement.
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