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no one want to play with me

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  • no one want to play with me

    no one want to play with me cuz it lags a lot , it's like this i attack 1 round and it lags for 2 rounds then i can attack a gain and so on
    that's not a way to play the game or enjoy it , i haven't played nervanda nm and dragon invasion for 4 days (those are the only two attempt i care to do it daily but no one want to play with me cuz i take too long to claim rewards and it lags while attacking sometimes dc and it take too long to refresh or reload ) if i were them i won't like to play with me too so i don't blame them ... i blame the managers of wartune game for not finding a way to fix the lag cuz there is nothing imposible for any support team
    i tried to use mini client intead of maxthon browser but it is worst .. some ppl say if i bought a new labtob with high technology it will reduce the lag alot may be will remove all the lag but unfortunatly i cant afford a new labtop(WELL IM NOT GOING TO BUY A NEW LABTOB FOR JUST A GAME!)
    i think im quiting ... i hate to leave the game but there is nothing to do
    nice to meat you all , thx for every one who helped me & thx for all mentors they are just a player like us and they realy work hard for us ....

    they came they were there they didn't hesitat ))

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    that's one thing you'll have to take note at lv 80s, you'll be taking the totality of the lag
    when you do team battles even in pve. Even worse, I'd imagine if it's arena battle.
    Eudaemon special skill is indeed: lag