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The Ultimate Eudaemon Team

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  • The Ultimate Eudaemon Team

    One of my toons finally has 1 each of the 6 different eudeamon. I have been saving blood and materials to do upgrades on it forever and I have nothing really invested in any of them yet. So my question is if you were starting from scratch where would you put your materials for a strong eudaemon team?

    My thoughts are to max out in this order...
    Wind Ranger for use as my primary.
    Battle Oracle to be the backup in eudaemon arena.
    Sanctuary Hunter and Blood Warrior.

  • #2
    I would use wind ranger as main, good outside of eud arena, good to counter healbots.

    Battle oracle cause of it's a good counter to the rest(wind ranger has issue surviving long).

    Knight, cause he can stun, really good. Also he can stall for time. If you need to get down cd's of your other eud.(good for tok, pvp as well)

    4th I would say for me is a tie between Hunter and blood warrior. Hunter of the information I know, but don't know how blood warriors skills evolve.


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      I say the oracle & ranger combo is the best, since the ranger can do the damage while the oracle keeps him alive. Hunters have excellent damage dealing, so I actually start with hunter + ranger, which ends the easy fights faster.

      The knight's stun is really unreliable in my experience, and their damage output is terrible. Decent defense, so if you want to stall and get the damage multiplier from the timer, I guess that works. Blood warrior is too new for me to have a good idea how their skills pan out in the end, but seems like a pretty decent 4th, maybe higher if you're a mage and haven't invested in an oracle.

      Scourge mage is just terrible everywhere. Their only possible role (matk damage dealer) has been completely eclipsed by the blood warrior.


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        There are 2 different teams:

        I assume top team:
        Bounty Target (team based survive) - Knight, Hunter, Oracle, Ranger
        Eudemon arena (task is to end fast) - Hunter, Oracle, Ranger, Warrior

        As I have strong Knight, I still use Knight in arena as it survives Hunters and Rangers easily, but hope to maximize Warrior soon.

        Scourge is now obsolete, it needs AoE attack (like archer, not only 2 targets like warrior), heal with def (and not reduce def) and crit buff to target for all (like archer/mage)- to be usable (no more kamikaze behaviour)


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          lol 3 maxed wind rangers and a healbot mage for alternate


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            i started with oracle. thats my main at this moment.

            as second now a ranger,

            the diff between those 2 are getting smaller, and i use ranger more and more as main eud.

            eud arena i use oracle main, ranger backup, aslong i dont fight big casher, i do fine with those 2,
            other 2 are knight and hunter, but if oracle and ranger has died, i already know i cant win the fight. so the other 2 doesnt make diff at this moment.

            Same use in bounty target.

            blood warrior, havent paid attention to it yet, to up the first 2 takes already a lot of time, when they are high enough, its time to take care of the 3th eud.
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