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How to save Wartune - maybe it's still not too late

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  • How to save Wartune - maybe it's still not too late

    I play Wartune since almost 3 years. When I started, this game truly fascinated me. But late changes really sadden me. Friends quit every day, and this might be the end of this once great game.
    Still, I believe the game can be saved. I wrote a summary of suggestions. I believe these changes can be done much faster than any new event, and they would make players really happy, and keep them playing (and spending).
    I hope some mod/G M will read this and forward it to the correct person.

    I know topics can scroll down here in a day, so instead of listing it here, I posted it on my blog to make it a bit more permanent:

    My blog about how to build the strongest character in Wartune using a minimum amount of balens:

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    Thanks for spendin your time to write all those i ve read em all and agree with all.They re really losin lots of players each day due to miscorrections of very simple things which may attract people and make all of their players wartune life pretty easy.Game is mostly non playable (especially arena,titan war,chaos war,guild battle,guild boss,csgb is a total mess and disappointment and very big reason to quit the game) and nonsense now.I hope they reconsider ur suggestions.
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      The list is so long, so there's many places where they can start. I doubt anyone would expect them to fix the game in 1 maintence. However, if they just fixed 1 issue in the next maintence it would give us hope. But when they don't do that but rather add something useless instead that can generate money for them, we lose faith.

      Event nerf I can kinda understand, they don't want old players to get super much rewards, but what they do in the progress is harm the new players. I wouldn't mind 2x of these event, the other one gets grayed out when you claim anything from the other list. Example gem event, have one that is lv 4-9 and one that is lv6-11. This way we can decide if we want to claim less rewards, but get more gems back and such. Same could be done with resistence event and so on. That would balance out the whole thing more than giving us lv3-11 rewards(wich we still get, but not on the same day).

      I have said it before, xmas will most likly decide the future for me. I don't want great events, I want a great fix. But I think the next patch will just include snow and 3 new ways to throw your money at them and zero fixes, as usual.


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        I checked the blog and recommendations, but I thing that the issue has deeper roots, so here is my recommendation:

        1) Valuation system:
        Even that the focus on whales (milk them if they want to pay) is central focus of the valuation team, you should not forget about fishes that accompanying the whales - they press the whales, create competition for them, and help them pass team-based MPD:
        a) pressing is good that whales need competition to valuate their payments, not all whales want to compete with other whales
        b) yes, some material can be bought from recharge, spender or exchange events instead of doing MPD, Titan Wars ...; but this is still game, not only discount/sale shopping and betting, sometimes players want to play, but you need company for it

        So if the valuation team limits the grow of little fishes and free players (that trade time instead of money), they loose players, potential cashers and even some whales.
        A) Return to game free drops of Advanced Mahra and Advanced Sepulchre, Golden Sand (Spire NM is not good for lvl 70 players who did not passed normal Spire) ... to create press to whales with fused sylphs but low BR on main toon.
        B) Change usage events (use 20 for 5, 3 for 1 etc) only if you change the drop ratio - all players should grow as fast as players in past to reach them and show them that they need to improve.
        C) Never remove free material - this is felt as red/yellow card indicating issue of valuation team seniority
        D) Nerf only if it caused serious issue in balance, never nerf constantly as it again shows issues with seniority of product design/valuation team
        E) Players want to count with playability and goals, if you make their goals a lot harder, many of them gave up

        2) Technical realization:
        There are basic issues with how the game was designed, but many easy solutions that can improve its technical issues:

        A) Compress pictures and allow compression of transmits (especially big JavaScript and TXT files)
        B) Agree in development groups on monitoring on player side only what is not available on other tiers and remove the constant monitoring of all the objects, even bot prevention can be done smarter on proxy or application tiers, especially as JavaScript behaviour on client can be recorded and avoided by bots.
        C) Do not download what is not needed to be downloaded (if you are hiding other objects, why you still download their clothes etc?) - less ARPU, but more players
        D) Change order of downloads - eg. I need towers on BG and players, background should not block me to walk through BG it is nice to have, but not main part of the battle (same mounts, clothes that prevents players from being attacked)
        E) Install as soon as possible UX/performance management team and do regular automatic testing of performance, stress and regress (how is possible to revert bug and features?)

        3) Product Design:
        Creating new and fresh is always nice to be proud on "baby born", but all features should be 99% designed, not 70%; and they should seamlessly integrate with other features.
        A) Complete the portal design, so we will see all our tickets, can select Xsolla or portal shop; remove the unneeded dynamicity and remove the security issue that allows to login to other people accounts
        B) As there is limited development, test and support staff, do not deviate so much from the core 7road clone, all 5.0+ patches show issues in staffing and maintenance, I understand new skins for kids/eudemons, but not scourge mage design
        C) This was strategy game, so return back the strategy = less betting (randomness), less controlled grow (open back the alternative grow options)
        D) Integrate translations - Lord vs Boss, Hera vs Hecate ... (BTW did you heard Demeter = the Goddess of Prosperity?)
        E) Read community portal and react, assign priorities to bugs:
        *) ToK with eudemons - not a bad idea, if you also make eudemons same strength as reduced toons (I speak about lag in other part), why they have original player's strength and not the reduced? Why nobody picked this?
        **) Spire NM stealing MPD attempts, another bug that can be solved easily ... why it has no priority? Other thing is the HP issue that make Spire NM an hour task

        4) Support an community (R2Games specific)
        Support should help and return people to game, community should influence and sale the game - you are doing the opposite

        A) Even that players are frustrated, you should not be frustrated too
        B) Support staff should be trained in processes and English, the new "tool" is maybe cheaper, but it destroyed your reputation (registration emails will be corrected soon? I know that in some East European countries temporary means 44 years , so better to use the old one where tickets are tracked and not omitted or closed without intervention.
        C) Issues should be tracked per incident/problem not per player, this also means better merging support on forum
        D) Who decided not to attract players with new features? Who limits information about main bugs (so players ask support instead of forum?)
        E) Community is not about police state and moderator power, why we visiting independent blogs with 1-2 moderators? Most of the threads here are bug/nerf related, limited work on manuals, indices etc
        F) Mentors should have support from company (they should be able to help, they should not promote new costly features [promoting Odin s/he lost us] and this forum) - mentor saying "file a ticket", "visit forum" is not valuable at all


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          Thanks for the feedback, everyone! I hope someone from R2 reads it to. P-J-J, you have good tecnhical knowledge, they should really consult you.

          JK: About event lvl 5-11 replacing 3-9. I agree we got something in exchange for what we lost. But I did the math, if it would be still 3-9 only, you could make more lvl 11 than with the current version. Whoever made these events is not very bright at math, some events give too much, some too little. Divinity soul event became kinda impossible after the nerf, no one but the top whales have lvl 9+ div souls to toy with. If I would have designed these events originally, I would have allowed unlimited synth for all, starting from level 3, but I would have award a gem of one less level everywhere. But now it's too late to ponder about this, changing it any way after a long time is a very bad idea. Only solution would be to run it the previous way. Never take away, just add more.
          My blog about how to build the strongest character in Wartune using a minimum amount of balens:


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            Here's my quote a few weeks ago:

            Originally posted by Imonseph View Post
            Personally, I think that we need to tell R2 what we want for each and every part of wartune,
            and press it hard like how selleable star tear shards, lag resolution (which made it worse) and guild beast,
            and surprisingly the recycling of mounts.. We also need to use their language (i.e. game optimization).
            They are also sensitive and won't take up the suggestion if it has any mention about the amount of specific
            rewards that players should deserve - but an attempt to make a comparison might just work

            Ok, I'm gonna start and make it CLEAR:


            1. Nickel currency should be optimized in profile of inventory and a shop to exchange rare items (you decide,
            but regardless, I'm still in it for fashion cores and luck charms, crypt tokens, roses, socket rods and bound balens)

            2. Fishing should optimized to a point system to claim nickels and original fish rewards

            3. Jewel Hunt optimized to remove soul crystals and replace it with nickel currency and refinement locks, level 2 gem packs

            4. Cloud Adventures optimized to have gold and bound balens in final spins once completed

            5. Game box idea is good, so pls INCLUDE Underground Palace and Goodies link with their original rewards,
            optimized with an option to choose 2 or 3 DAILY minigames to play

            DAILY EVENTS

            6. Tower of Kings optimize difficulty ACCORDING TO: Easy, Normal, Hard and Nightmare (with different % of dmg effect)

            7. Sylph atoll is now made like wilds mobs attempts...
            SEPARATE the attempts with normal sylphs in atoll, and atoll boss optimized that:
            all participating parties in atoll boss with more than 10% dmg will have 50 sylph loids and gold as reward returns after atoll boss is killed

            8. Sky trial optimize star tear shards to be replace with star sand, any battle triggered will give star tears instead

            9. Sylph expedition Optimized to only give a large amount of Expedition shard
            and Shop Exchange of Expedition shard for divinity soul chest, holy water, blessing of god, divinity shards and stones

            10. Arena matching should be optimized back to the system that original worked before Patch 5.1


            11. Eudaemon cards should be in Hot Events and exchangeable to optimized the use of
            eudaemon marks shards we have in our inventory

            12. Optimize Eudaemon with class conversion using 300 bound balens

            13. Optimize Eudaemon arena to blitz levels from start like sylph expedition


            14. Dimension - optimized hidden events with card draw of: secret merchant, balen mine, eudaemon and sacrifice offering
            If Eudaemon event is triggered, then a 2nd card draw will happen for eudaemon event

            15. Wilds Shop - optimize the dependent use of mystery stone currency, with a 2nd tab for mystery shop

            16. Blacksmith optimized for synthesis: star sand -> moon dust; star tear -> moon rock

            17. Optimize gameplay of skill casting for team battles
            reducing lag - apparently, wartune doesn't have the term agility for all the heroes in a party battle; so there's no battle order but dependent on performance of your PC
            (If you ever done any pve mob battle in a party,.. you'll realize that the mobs also face the same fate as any player would've with skill casting)

            Remove eudaemons for team battles, they are only useful for 1 on 1 pvp battles, to have a "party" of your own build.

            P.S. for those who know what I did with no.14, gd for you.. plz keep it to yourself


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              If you ask me, cross-realm events are destroying this game more than anything.

              What fun are things like group arena's or battlegrounds when you're fighting players from worlds that were made a year or more before your own world? Back when I played 3 years ago, and you only fought people on your own world until worlds merged, the game was way more fun, and way more stable in my opinion.


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                Yeah Fherleyt, my point was that they removed it cause older players needed higher rewards, but didn't want to give us to much rewards. And if they just added more levels to take rewards from, it would result in to much gain(my guess why they removed lower). That's why I would suggest 2 events, but only being able to participate in one of them each day. This way we could for example on divinity soul events, get a good surplus of +5 souls and do the other one once we have enough(also adds a new layer of strat).

                Or just rotate the old with the new ones(alternative the two events each time they come). I think 99% of the new free/light cashers will quit within 2-3 months cause they realize they won't get much out of these new events.


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                  Myself, I am all in for the performance issues to be corrected. I've done about 15 years of network engineering, hardware/software quality assurance testing, and technical support (don't ask me about windows 10 yet since I had done about upgraded yesterday and am learning about it), so I am a real stickler when it comes to stuff like that. I know R2 doesn't like it when I upstage them with these attributes, but let's face it, a game is in dire need of correction and change if it is going to survive and either keep, bring back, or put in new players.

                  Now, getting them to actually listen and "put players first" will be half the battle.
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                    Yes, rotate would be a good idea (one month 3-9, the other month 5-11) but it would be the pretty same as 3-11, expect for people without patience.
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                      Ok, looks like they are beyond help, nerfing (sylph expedition) even with this patch.
                      My blog about how to build the strongest character in Wartune using a minimum amount of balens:


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                        want to save wartune ? easy way:

                        take a way the big pot of koks that obvioussly is standing in devs room, they put their nose too often into it


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                          no more dollars until they get game sorted thats the only way these big companies will listen and it got to be across all there games when theres no income thats the time they will listen u got to hit there pockets and hard sorry but i think it only way they will take notice


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                            Originally posted by boggins64 View Post
                            no more dollars until they get game sorted thats the only way these big companies will listen and it got to be across all there games when theres no income thats the time they will listen u got to hit there pockets and hard sorry but i think it only way they will take notice
                            i dont think, that they will change anything, if they do not get enough money from the game....they will only shut down the game and open a new one....


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                              Originally posted by Seidr1 View Post
                              i dont think, that they will change anything, if they do not get enough money from the game....they will only shut down the game and open a new one....
                              If they do that their rep will be totally destroyed and who would even think to play the new game that they would open. Some major companies went against what the players wanted and took a nose dive and become broke as a result so if the devs actually listen and fix some of the issues I'm sure a lot of ppl would start to cash if this game wasnt so buggy and broken
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