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A few suggestions for in game adjustment

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  • Rooksta
    started a topic A few suggestions for in game adjustment

    A few suggestions for in game adjustment

    1) Battlegrounds need to be increased to twice daily! so those in Europe have a time to have a go at it.

    2) Why do you limit everything? IE: dungeon runs = 3 and Campaign runs only while you have stamina, needs changing!

    3) Campaign levels once you get into the 30's, having to sit and make exp only by fighting and bonus quests because the campaign's are 2 levels away, this feels like you don't want me to play your game.

    4) More detailed information! IE: In the astrals the first one you can purchase with your star points is the Energine (Consume 500 of reward EXP) whats that mean?

    5) Would it really have hurt? to make more skills and levels of those skills so that when you increase a level you have a new skill or at least a better level of it and feel like it was worth all that grinding.

    Thank you and i hope you make some changes.

  • hasangrozni
    yea ,you are definitly right,especialy with battleground and 2 level away dungeon...

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