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The Difference in Logic --- A Laugh

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  • The Difference in Logic --- A Laugh

    Note: This is what I had dealt with before in a different game when it comes to matching in arenas and the responses I get from people. It might reflect the same mindset as R2 or some players, and then it might not. After all, it's just a laugh.

    Game (description of) Arena: Join in the fun and fight alongside others for epic battles based on our matching system.
    Me (after 10 battles of battling stronger players): Matching, my ***! Who comes up with this stuff? Children?

    Player A (complaining): The arena isn't matched up correctly. We continue to get others who are stronger than our own world, is there any way to fix this?
    Player B: Yeah, get stronger.
    Player A: Now, how do you do that when you cannot get the items you need to get stronger?
    Player B: Spend money.

    Forum Member A: Why couldn't the devs come with a realistic matching system?
    Forum Member B: Why would they? If the matching system is like what you wanted, we won't find anyone to match up with.
    Me: With so many people that would join at a time, and you're telling me you won't find anyone? That's got to be the lamest excuse, ever!

    Me (to the Devs): Why do you make a generic system when it comes to matching?
    Devs: To stop the influx of complaining that players could not find anyone to fight with.
    Me: Well with the times you have posted, I am sure not many will join due to work/rl stuff, so there's bound to be no one around, so you can't really punish the ones who are trying to get the feel for the game.
    Devs: Not our problem.

    Player A: Where did everyone go? I can't find people to fight.
    Me: Most don't even want to join because it's still messed up, and the whales are still sleeping.
    Player A: Oh, LOL.

    Me (to the Guild): So basically, arena is "anything goes". So, if you're going to ride on the track in a Yugo among the Formula 1's, who you think is going to win?
    Guild Members: The Formula 1's for they are faster.
    Me: Nope, the Yugo, if driven right. F1's will always crash if not carefully driven, especially with obstacles in the way. Now, help me go find an obstacle or two so I can crash a few of them.

    Player A: Why does it take a long time to get a fight?
    Me: I don't know, I didn't build the <expletive> thing.

    Player A: You either spend or quit.
    Me: Why spend or quit, when the only solution is to fix what was nerfed/broken with some better optimizations. If a game is meant to be spent on, they should put out "spenders only" when we signed up.

    Forum Helper: Have you tried another browser, cleared your cookies, flash cache?
    Me: Yep done all those and still the same result. I can't get into arena.
    Forum Helper: Perhaps, it is your internet and/or system.
    Me: Perhaps, we need a replacement helper, so we can try this again.

    Game Website: Voted "Best Game of the Year" by <Identity Censored>
    Me: Best, huh? Then why do we still have problems? And who did you drugged to have them say that?

    Game Website: We always put players first. Your Feedback is valuable to us.
    Me: Which players? The ones who are leaving by the day or the imaginary ones you've conjured up. And if my feedback is valuable, why it isn't used yet?
    Vicious! Approach with Caution!
    Because some noob has called me such and had said it so
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    After I found first player who get his stuff from R2 - sorry one mentor and one player did the same spelling mistake I never seen before and after - now I know which players are first.

    BTW I miss suggestion of the new mentor:
    - we discussed this topic and we tried to escalate it, but anyway submit the ticket and attach video, if it is not yet on forum
    (mentor was here last week)


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      I've tried MP arena on another game, and here's my experience:
      Someone explained to me that the system matching is by the sum of player levels in the team.
      Generally, players I encountered are of total level: 180 -220.
      So, someone that is level 80 could actually invite a few level 50s to join and matching will
      get them to wipe the board when faced against opponent teams of level 60s to 70.
      However, this means that you cannot do team arena alone, except that you have either 2 alts to help
      you through it, or 2 active guildie / friends at that time to run with you.
      I did try 2 alts one day, interestingly, I didn't notice any lag or significant increase in intensity of RAM used.

      Still, I've been a lv70, but have been able to put up a challenge against lv80s,
      and lv60s who have gotten a great advantage with their buck did pose a challenge with me too.
      So generally, level and BR doesn't matter.. it's just how your strategy works.

      Arena lag is muchly obscured thanks to the agility attribute that is taken into account.

      Now if linking back to wartune: the power of your char still cuts it, the matching system is broken
      - after they decided to optimize features of the game that was considered working,
      and the potent lag with eudaemons is greatly inevitable.
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