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The very wiord OPTIMIZATION in 5.1 is WRONG!

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  • The very wiord OPTIMIZATION in 5.1 is WRONG!

    It did not fix lag. It removed Cloud Adventures on Saturday and Sunday that many looked forward to. It reduced rewards significantly. I am sure others will have their own ideas on how this was not 'optimization' for the players. It optimized more money for the game.

    Example: In Sky Trail, obviously too many star tears and shards were being given out. How was that fixed? Star sand reward went to almost nothing.

    I need a control panel in 1v1 arena. I have been playing for 3 years and only sometimes have I used keyboard shortcuts. Cannot tell when eud is ready and once I change skills or runes, I have to remember KB shortcuts again??? Or draw a map on paper to refer to to place in front of my KB.

    I am sort of stuck, as a player. I am in the middle. Small players may have it even worse. the Word 'optimized' was seriously not chosen correctly.

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    lag was not fix collecting from farms is reloading 5 or 6 times.rewards removed from rooms players first lol your killing the game.another R2 mismanagement on tears i have 5 places of them put them in exchange or let us sell them nice if you put someone in management actually plays this or you like players quitting the game


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      I see that ..they say...the shards can be sold after maint tonight. But not much else on the list in maint addresses what players actually asked for. Again, another 'optimization' for not much.
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        u need to understand what "optimize" means for r2:

        better way to milk players with useless stuff

        if they would optimize anything in this game, they would listen to their players, cause they are the only ones that play the game (obvious devs dont) at end they will learn, cause pis.sed palyers = no more players. sure they wouldnt realize when everyone would leave before 1 or 2 months when money from the whales misses


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          Originally posted by Froggster View Post
          u need to understand what "optimize" means for r2:

          better way to milk players with useless stuff...
          i would define "better" as in having more happy players pay to win & have the payers happily pay more even if they know what they pay for is a joke (a joke is still worth the money if it makes a bored person laugh). but what they did to "optimize" the game is to disgust & distract everyone from normal game play, to create unhappy players & to make paying players stop cashing in the game, which by my standard is not a "better" way to milk players. if they want more milk, better tickle the cow to make it laugh instead of whipping its nose & command it to laugh (which doesn't work by the way).


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            In reality they even do not know how to milk players:

            1) Less rewards from game (ARPU), more rewards from shop (ARPPU) => several players recognized that 30 minutes daily with good valet is enough to stay ahead, but how long before they gave up? And before free players die?
            2) Unsynchronized prices - lots of shops, with different prices and same discount? For example 960 and 320 are both 20% discount for the same stuff in dimension, no matter that same stuff you can get cheaper in other shop ...
            3) Offers for junk stuff or free giveaways of unneeded stuff like star tear shards if they gave star tears for free (nobody checked that is needed 20 star tears and 1000 star sand for evolution?)
            4) Free giveaways that makes other stuff obsolete? (Eudemon cards versus online event eudemon shards? BTW, what to do with unneeded eudemons that lag during "fast" change pull down menu browsing by tiny arrows?)
            5) Changing milk schemes without conversions (ancient beast shards, now mount shop, but where to get underground mount, the new mounts etc? Cashing event only?) => Obsolete cashing (fate stones )

            In summary: Milk the last passenger money (= Selling discount tickets in falling plane) behaviour.