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A Suggestion: Optimization in its TRUEST Form

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  • A Suggestion: Optimization in its TRUEST Form

    I liked how you did the crit displays so it doesn't flood like hell. Now, here are a few suggestions to keep in mind:

    1. Would it be possible to remove words like "crit" and "Dodge" from the damage identifiers? I mean, there are colors that we can probably tell which is which: Green for heals, Blue for dodging/blocking, Yellow for damage (normal), Gradient Yellow to Red (crit). Removing such added texts will probably make the damage IDs spawn faster.

    2. For the love of anything that is either holy or unholy, kindly remove the auto-detect routine from your "Hide Other Objects" button. I think it should be the player's option, not the game's, to check in that box or leave it unchecked. Also, the constant detection is not doing either of our connections any good as it contributes to lag. I run a system on a 60 MBPs internet through a 100 MBPs wired network, and there is no way in hell that I should be having that button checked in automatically.

    Doing these two things will probably improve game play somewhat. So please consider those two. Thanks.
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