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Managing Time

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  • Managing Time

    How do you manage your time? I have a limited time to play this game each day (lets say 4-6 hours, 15:30-21:00) and I want to know how I could get the best out of it.

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    Well I usually play 19-00 my time. that's 18-23 server time. this is how I use my time(30-60min is afk as well )

    1800 arena solo
    1830 Eudaemon arena
    1900 afk or spire/bi/tok
    1945 toa
    2000 gb
    2015 Ef
    2025 di
    2045 afk
    2130 gbeast
    2200 wb
    2210 afk
    2300 sleep

    During afk time I can add bounty targets if I don't want to be afk, I can add sky trail, mini game, a help run, weekly dungeon, blitzes ofc. almost 3 full hours afk somedays, but if I feel for it I get a lot more out of the game if I play fully those hours. Hope that helped somehow