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  • renyizhou
    started a topic This is insane!

    This is insane!

    So i've been playing this game for over 2 months now,
    and i just realised how biased this game really is.
    Especialy the promotion events that comes now and then.
    Today when i logged onto the website and saw the [Promotion] It Pays to Consume! - Thanksgiving Edition!
    it cracked me up...literally. They first release the alpaca mount,
    which makes you want to upgrade your mount just to get the quest done and get the 30 card shards.
    That would be about 10k balens to get the alpaca mount.
    Now they release another event that gives you rewards on the amount balens you used...

    The way you try to get people to use balens,
    then release another event that gives reward based on how much balens you use
    in that period is just ridiculous.

    As a company you should give a headsup about the events/promotion that are coming.
    Not release them one by one without noticing the community beforehand.

    So i decided to never use balens again on this game. I must thank RGames for clearing up my mind
    how stupid it is to use balens.

    Thank you!

  • R23240996
    Thats the point its called the *elusive alpaca* you got the idea? anyways who cares its just for show and tell ,you can buy the other 2 balen horses cost you less and they all have 10+ attribute .

    We have a player at server 6 who does the balen way and now have the alpaca . if you want some screen shots pm me.

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  • Fathom18
    I dont think there is a way to get the alpaca without spending balen. I'm asian and I did the math, not possible with the amount of time given.

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  • 御萧xXLJXx
    it's not even worth it...
    10,000 Balens: 1,000,000 Gold, 600,000 Daru, Level 3-5 Gems x 2, Crypt Token x 500 and Level 50 Legendary Stone x 200
    50,000 Balens: 3,000,000 Gold, 1,000,000 Daru, Level 3-5 Gems x 5, Crypt Token x 800, Level 50 Legendary Stone x 300 and Shadow Steed Card x 1

    for 100 bucks spend this week, we'll give you 1 mil gold? 600k daru, 3-5gemx2?, crypt token x500, and lv. 50 stone x 200
    - i just got 2mil the other day from clearing map, daru? i don't need it, lv. 3-5 gem sound good, i getlv 3 gems from clearing floor 100 crypt daily, crypt token? nah i don't need it, 50 stone? nah don't need it, not going for 50 set .

    for 500 bucks spend this week... only thing good on there is i'll toss in a 20 bucks horse... if i was going to spend 500 bucks this period, i'm pretty sure i can afford your 20 buck horse. haha.

    don't worry OP, the reward isn't even worth it.

    i know people who gain 2 to 4 mil daily. and the reward just doesn't look as tasty to spend that much in the time been.

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  • R21114127
    wait until the next event

    or pass them on to me

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  • Kiarimer
    Ya my Alapaca name is Mr Wiggles Balens

    Anyone know if i can get a second one

    I have 17 pieces left

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  • Mr.Viruz
    I dont know how you say it, but in this R2 version of Wartune.

    It pays to have money, and you can pay your way to the top.

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  • R21114127
    well if you dont want to spend, then dont bother

    even is for those who already have balens and might spend at this time

    And you dont have to outright buy the alpaca mount with balens, you could spend few balens & collect free shards, all up to each of us what we going to do

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