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Alapaca shards

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  • Alapaca shards

    Just out of curiosity has anyone got more than one shard from 'lost treasure'
    It says 1-3 shards but after opening 10 boxes and getting 1 every time i see a pattern emergeing.
    So are these as rigged as the VIP wheel or are people getting 2 or 3.
    so to conclude im either realy unlucky or chance to get 2/3 is same as a lvl 7gem from wheel any screenies with what you got welcome.
    the reason i ask is do the math
    1 shard 175 balen x3 to complete exchange = 525 balen x30 for mount 15,750 balen thats roughly £100 o.O
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    I only got 1 White Alpaca Jigsaw card. Eventhough it decribled as you earn 1~3 White Alpaca Jigsaw AND skeleton keys, or crypt, etc... But just got a card. It kinda strange :/
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      Same here, I have open 12 chest and every1 has contained 1 alpaca card. It says "open it to obtain randomly 1-3 white alpaca puzzles"

      What I got out of the 12 I opened was NOT random. mathematical that is next to impossible to happen. I have asked many other people and every1 seems to be getting only 1


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        naah, its random, 2-3 alpaca has lower chance, i got 2 alpaca twice from 7 chest,
        and my friend got 999 rose once