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Integrate Party/Formation-windows in team creation

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  • Integrate Party/Formation-windows in team creation


    the creation of a team for hero-campaigns or arena duels is alsway stress:
    1. invite the right people
    2. kick out the non-fitting (but otherways welcome) ppl out
    3. find the right formation
    4. do all fast enough before the first members left again

    To do this I need to open/close the party-window and formation-windo quite often.

    --> Suggestion: Reduce number of windows here
    --> How:
    a) Move use the labyrith picture as background picture (name + "norma/hero" as head or bottom line
    b) Replace the current labyrith picture with the formation window (not as separate window)
    c) Add kick-out buttons directly in formation icons (only for leader like now) and add the lvl-infos here as well

    Results: less window-stress + better teams + faster creation time = more fun

    Kind regards