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Clothing nerfed again?

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  • Clothing nerfed again?

    I have made statistics of clothing synth successes past events. Based on like 1000 synths, success chance without good luck charm is 80-90%. Of course, the more combines you make, eventually you will fail, so it is still wise to use good luck charm at high level combines. But at low level, you just don't have enough good luck charm since they nerfed the rewards (you get reward only for current level, not all previous ones). Well, folks, I'm either ultra-unlucky, or they nerfed this chance further. Of 40 synth level 3-5, 50% failed. I burned the last 80 fashion cores and the cloth I had. I do not really believe in bad luck in Wartune, so I think I got cheated (again). I just fail to understand the unlimited idiocy of the game publisher, why they have to nerf something each patch, each event. It would be much, much simpler and easier just to say, guys, the game is no more, we shut it down. Seriously, I'm at the verge of quitting.

    (And yes, even logging into this forum is damn difficult lately, R2 *** up even the login since their "redesign" and never bothered to correct it).
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    I have noticed this same thing. 3 or 4 clothing events ago, I would have success almost every time without using charms. Now these past few events, almost every one will fail. This event, I quit taking the chance. At lower levels, I may take the chance but not at higher levels. If I don't have enough charms, I will wait until next event.


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      I noticed same thing, synthetising clothing without charms fails more often now, but devs never admit they silently nerfed something without giving a word to players, its ALWAYS our bad luck But since i made lvl 9 cloths last event (ofc without wings ) I dont care much for makeing new cloths, event rewards suck anyway so eventually when i ran out of fashion cores Ill just stop synthetising. And no not gona spend any more money on that new stupid golden road.


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        Last clothing event I failed from lvl 2-3 around 5-6 times on gamble method which really annoyed the hell out of me tbh.
        This event I managed to synth up to a lvl 6 weapon all on gamble method (failed once from 2-3) and then used Charms to synth a lvl 7 weapon as I didn`t want to risk losing a lvl 6 piece of clothing.
        So don`t know IF I was super Unlucky last event OR SUPER lucky this, i`m more inclined to go with the latter xD
        But with cores and charms impossible to get for free these days I tend to use whatever cores I have to refine my clothing and only use charms on lvl 6 and above synths. I have lvl 8 clothing atm and lvl 7 wings, clothing lvl (except wings) doesn`t give BR anyway and as a knight I get rage quite quickly so seeing as I can`t cash much then clothing level really isn`t my main priority atm
        But I do agree If last event is anything to go by the synth % seems to have dropped dramatically :/


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          hmm....the synth-rate was never better or more worse.....since i start this game, i never had a "luck rate" like 50%....more a unluck rate of 70 feel more worse for ppl, since they dont got so many charms and cores.....btw..go to spire every day 1 core and some shards...


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            Clothes have become insanely unaffordable to level up, and they take up huge amounts of inventory space, so really anything they do to change the clothes synth system is likely to be an improvement, although I wouldn't put it past them to only find ways to make it worse.

            If they would at least let clothes of the same type and level stack, that would be a huge improvement. The synth chance nerf may have been their "solution" to the inventory problem, though. If you fail a lot more, you burn off all those extra cloth items...


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              Originally posted by MrFancyPants View Post
              If they would at least let clothes of the same type and level stack, that would be a huge improvement. The synth chance nerf may have been their "solution" to the inventory problem, though. If you fail a lot more, you burn off all those extra cloth items...
              LOL I just said same thing in space saving suggestion thread before I saw this thread xD

              Adding to my earlier post yesterday I managed to synth a helm up to lvl 6 also all with gamble method and then did the same made the lvl 7 with charms. And then also managed to make a lvl 5 pair of wings all with gamble method. So don`t know If in actual fact clothing synth % HAS been nerfed or maybe that is just the case for lower lvl gambles? Or like I said i`ve maybe I`ve just been super lucky this event


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                I've had a pretty steady success rate of 75% (over some 300 tries) for synthesizing without charms the last 6-7 months or so and things looked the same during this event. Perhaps you were just catching the bad end of variance this time?