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Best Merge sylph??

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  • Best Merge sylph??

    Ok im not here toout te cost of those sylph but about which one do you guys think its the best. Im thinking about getting one but the orange since i dont have red sylph.

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    It's hard to say, tbh, none of them are all that great as Loki/Freya/Tyre, since they can't use the special new skills. They're decently strong, and their combo element skills are a bit better than the originals, but really a waste of a lot of money if you don't go all in and merge then upgrade to Odin/Frygga/Thor.

    For less money invested, I think a second evo sylph can be just as strong or stronger, although less flexibility in the skills. But if you can not only merge two orange sylphs but also get the 5k dust/rocks to upgrade to the better merged version, then it can be worth it. If you only get one, then Odin or Thor in my opinion. And it depends on which aspect of the game you want to focus on - for battleground, Thor is probably going to be more useful, but for group fights or class wars, Odin may be the better bet.


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      so if i do Tyre orange...i cant use the new skills??


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        Tyre/Loki/Freya can learn all skills same as their bigger counterparts ever since the change to sylph skill panel/addition of learn free.

        As far as a best goes it all depends on your gameplay. Fire-electro / best single target DPS sylph, Dark-Light / best aoe+tank sylph. Water-Wind / best support sylph.


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          Ignoring cost, I'd want the wind/water one the most, even though I'd probably say dark/light is the "best".


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            If you're even thinking of spending 600.00 on pixals then just wow. Get a ps4 for 299.99 right now and some awesome games that will give you far more bang for your buck than merge sylphs on a 2d browser game. I am all for people spending money on what they what to but just don't be stupid about it. You're spending like a months worth of rent on one pixal. Spend it on other games or other types of entertainment if you want to "waste" the money.


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              Wind/Water(Freya/Fregga) are on the Defence side with some really nice options
              Dark/Light Because these are "casher" sylphs they are stronger in principle
              Fire/Electro As I've seen and played iwth on Chinese Server This combo is the least used but some seiously nasty Attacks

              The point though All of them have merit it jsut depends on Playstyle that matters the most.
              Some prefer the wind/water some prefer dark/light and some prefer fire/electro because of ther style of play.
              Every Sylph has a different style of playing because of their attacks, you just have to choose the one that matches your style

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                Ill probably make a fire/electro tyre than upgade it to thor later cause my Hecate is 3 stars and my wind 2 moon so will take too much adv mahra to get 2 red or too much time to get another wind or dark and up it to orange...and yeah 60k balens is a lot but since im a avearge/light casher...i just need to save balens and recharge and spend at the right time.