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bosses too weak

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  • bosses too weak

    we are starting to get stronger but bosses are still the same as they where when i was lvl30 i got more gold and daru then now we kill the boss to fast give the bosses more hp for god sake...

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    I thought the bosses HP increases with more people and higher lvl?


    • #3
      I think it does increase each week, cause in some servers (first ones), they weren't able to kill it, cause of too "phat"boss, but they are 50+. : )


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        I believe its based on time it takes to kill them if you kill the wb in less then 10 mins next day that wb hp will be higher thats how it was with are wb we killed the last wb in 12 mins next day it didn't go up but that day we did it in less then 10 mins and the very next day he got a hp boost.