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Class Advancement quest

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  • Class Advancement quest

    I need an advice or some information on how could i defeat dragon boss from class advancement quest. I can defeat other 4 mobs around him easy, but when i go and fight that dragon boss, he attacks me with 10 to 20k dmg every round and every 2 rounds with 70k dmg, and dont forget that fire breath that does like 10-15k dmg per attack. I can barely survive like 4-5 rounds with guards and eudaemon on front, and i want to know why do i take so much dmg. I have a mage with 260k BR(this includes my sanctuary eudaemon with 172k BR), i got lvl 57 demonic knights guards and no points distributed on talents(im refering at Holy Seal and other talents, not to skills). Below, i made some ss so you can see my stats and others. I want to ask what should i do? Am i too weak and thats the reason that i cant pass through that boss? My resistence is too low? Is it a bug(i dont think so but im just asking)? What should i do? Any advice is welcome.
    P.S: My friend has an archer and when he passed this quest, he had like 230-250k BR and passed with no trouble...i looked at his archer and at that point it was weaker than mine(now he is stronger but than he was weaker)

    Thanks and sorry for my terrible english.

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    Best thing I can tell you is make your hunter use incendiary shot to reduce some of the damage and use all the milk tea, pots and scrolls you can and also use guardian rune if it is at a decent lvl to help you bud
    IGN: princestewii
    Class: Archer
    Server: Kabam 86


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      My archer uses incendiary but cant resist so much after debuff is gone. Dont have any Guardian rune and i used all pots and scrolls when i fight with that dragon. What should i improve so i can pass that dungeon and unlock class advancement?


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        try and get higher lvl resistance and will crystals and if you are in a guild that does GB regularly I would buy sc with those insigs and lvl up engraving to atleast 50 so your gems will get a slightly good boost.
        IGN: princestewii
        Class: Archer
        Server: Kabam 86


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          Mostly it looks like you just need more time to build up your stats and resistance. If you can hit hard enough and survive enough rounds, it's not a particularly tough boss. It's very susceptible to slowing, so you absolutely need deep freeze on your eudaemon, and throw thunderer at it when you can.

          One way to effectively boost your stats by a lot is to stay awakened as long as possible. I.e. don't use your delphic. You might want to invest in an extra skill like death's harvest to make it easier to double hit with a pattern like:
          SS > DS > SS > DH > SS > DS > SS, then SS until you can DS again
          SS = Shadow Strike, DS = Devour Soul, DH = Death's Harvest

          Your awakened attacks will be using 16636 + 11133 = 27769 PATK, with a significantly higher average skill multiplier than your character skills.

          Also, if you don't know how to unlock fast skill casts, that will make it a lot easier:
          With full awakening bar, cast a character skill
          wait for the skill to activate, when you see the skill name in the middle of the screen
          as soon as that appears, hit the awaken button
          as soon as "Awaken" appears on the screen, start mashing the 2 button for Shadow Strike
          repeat so you are casting the next skill every time the current one activates.

          This reduces the time between skills to the absolute minimum, and you can sometimes get 2 hits in even if the boss isn't slowed.