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Assistant Guild Master and Officer Duties

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  • Assistant Guild Master and Officer Duties

    Having the Assistant Guild Masters doing the same duties as an officer is not saying much about the developers. It also doesn't help out the guild masters because they have to run everything. Which in turn will burn out most Guild Masters. One suggestion would be to allow the Guild Master to delegate duties between the Assistants and officers. Currently an Assistant Guild Master is a glorified officer with no real duties besides guild membership.

    With the addition of Guild Tree and Guild Wars, the Guild Master has to be online to open it or set the list. Most of the Guild Master duties should be allowed by the Assistants. Otherwise what is the point of having them.

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    I agree with this. We need more options on promotions. A lot of ppl don't like staying regular members and asst guild master and officers pretty much do the same thing, like recruiting members, except I noticed asst. guild masters can edit in guild battle. We need more roles.


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      I agree as well, it puts alot of pressure on the Guild Master, and also tends to make people become inactive, or move to other guilds. Guild Master's have lives too, it's about time some of the workload is shared. It takes more than 1 person to fully run a guild!


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        +1.. I'm always assistant guild master by myself doing alot of stuff, but we need more options, like if guild master is offline, to upgrage guild lvl (important in rush week for example), guild tower/altar... etc. Also activiting tree if guild master allows us.. Cause I BET atleast 20% of guilds atleast once missed guild tree, cause of guild master offline, afk (work, school or stuff, real life important things).. The difference between regular member and assistant G M is too low. : )


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          i am a guild master and i dont really see any difference between a officer and the assistant but for maybe one or two things. right now i have to be on the game most of the day just to make sure i can do the guild tree, upgrade the guild and what not if you are going to put different names but nothing really different about any of the ranks then dont put them there it is just stupid. the guild assistant master should be able to do just about the same as the guild master but not everything just so we can see a difference in the ranks maybe add some stuff to the ranks.


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            +1 i too think assistant should have more duties than an officer.


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              The Assistant GM needs to be able to summon the Guild Tree in the event the Guild Master becomes unavailable, due to real life emergency or accident as we have seen in the past...


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                add another agrement to this. It happens often that for what ever reason a guild master can not be present to get some stuff up and running. more power needs to be delegated out to the assistant guild masters.


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                  +1 and is not allways that guild master can spawn ToA Guild three once happens he was need to visit hospital, and was not bck before day after. So assisten should have a chance to make ToA to.
                  And alot more stuff.
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