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The Most Common Complaint

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  • The Most Common Complaint

    ''Stop making new patches / features & servers and start fixing the existing ones''

    Really, i don't know how many times i've read it on these forums.

    And you pretend to ''put the players first'' ? Fudge you lol

    Now, now... I've read about some upcoming new features, even new VIP ''benefits'' and just let me tell you that i'm not gonna get trolled by more of these ridiculous upgrades.

    Once again, and for the millionth time, fix it THEN you can tune it.

    Meantime, taking my money elsewhere (there was awesome deals on Steam during the Black weekend, 10$ for Civ 5 + all xpacs. And this aint a 5 years old laggy and buggy game...)

    Quality please, QUA-LI-TY !! (doesnt rhyme with chinese huh?)

    PS. Is it really ''how i say things?'' or is it simply because its the truth ? yea riiight lol

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    Patch hmn 5.2 (right?) was 1 day old and saw some pple in our group alredy with Thor. MsKind do u really think they care for game/us if such dumb pple still feed their bank accounts?? 2 days after patch logged oceanic to check incoming events 8 or 9 top players there already had Thor's too.... Its like hiting wall with head. We (actually not me or u but players in general) keep recharging they (r2) doesnt give a **** about fixing game....

    EDIT: fix at least damn cache issue....


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      I agree this game needs to change, getting pretty sick of this lag. But as long as players keep spending, this game will not change I am afraid. I have stopped spending except for spirit covenant, stopped VIP. But the thing is if we do take a stand and quit recharging, will that not just cause the game to shut down?


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        If they shut it down it will be their failure. Players will find other game and im sure 90% pple wont pick up any game connected with r2/7road again.


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          Let them shut the game down. It will put a heavy mark against their company even further into the negative. In the last few weeks alone, tons of players (including those in my server) had left WT in search of a new game. I haven't had time in looking for one myself since I am busy in real life as well. But, when that time comes (and it will), I will be playing for a developer that isn't R2, that isn't 7Road, and that isn't Chinese (had my bad experiences with another developer, IGG, that had me come to the conclusion that any dev from that country is solely a greedy Son of <expletive>).
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            Originally posted by zniwiarz85 View Post
            If they shut it down it will be their failure. Players will find other game and im sure 90% pple wont pick up any game connected with r2/7road again.
            This. If I start playing another game I'll make sure it isn't connected with either of these companies. Ever.