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List of recycleable mounts?

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  • List of recycleable mounts?

    Is there a new ish list that someone can help make .

    atol mount = no , just tried,
    wild shop mount = yes

    been told arena mount no longer recycleable too, (not confirmed)

    also told amethyst mount is now only one recycleable also not confirmed
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    mount with mystery stones is recyclable.
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      I bought the arena mount 3 days ago (venomous leopard not royal steed), so that one's working. Any mount you can purchase is going to be recyclable, the question is if you can buy it again. The mounts you can synth in the blacksmith mostly aren't recyclable, but you can tell which by looking at the description. If it's not recyclable, it will say in red letters at the bottom "Unable to recycle".


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        I've found this somewhere... can't swear about, though.

        1. Ruby-eyed steed mount (cash shops) (40 beast soul)
        2. Shadow steed mount (cash shops) (40 beast soul)
        3. Luxury jaguar mount (cash shops) (40 beast soul)
        4. Venomous leopard mount (league shop) (120 beast soul)
        5. Ice fang mount (blacksmith) (80 beast soul)
        6. Netherwing dragon mount (blacksmith) (120 beast soul)
        7. Snow yak mount (CSGB shops) (120 beast soul)
        8. Pyre horse mount (chaos war shops) ( 160 beast soul)
        9. Azure deer mount (titan war shops) ( 120 beast soul)