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about the future what comes to flash. (and game regardin that)

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  • about the future what comes to flash. (and game regardin that)

    Now that even adobe has said they will stop support and uppgrades on flash based engines and products. what will happe to this game? Will we finally get the game swapped from flash to html-5? (or some other). or will it just be ran down in few months?

    Just curious :P
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    API maybe?


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      i was just about to post something similar about flash being scrapped in january 2016.

      theyre going to html5 so either wartune recode or its game over . glad i found out about it today, wont be recharging for xmas now.
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        I feel like this article does a better job at explaining things:

        The games aren't just going to stop working in January. Adobe Flash won't exist in name, as they are rebranding as Adobe Animate CC, so it's possible they will have an update for Flash that goes along with that so that we, as consumers, won't have an issue with enjoying our favorite flash based content.
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          They can barely keep the game running as-is, you think they even have the capability to port it over to some other platform? No way, this game is staying on Flash as long as it lives. Which may be a shorter lifespan than expected due to Flash being pulled back, but it's not like Flash is just going to vanish overnight.


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            Sure glad I read this. I'm not a whale, and certainly not a guppy when it comes to spending on this game. But i have noticed a huge sacrifice in frame rate.... to the point of 1 frame 1 sec at times. pulling up my task manager and my computer and internet are running just above idle. Thanks for the info. I'll be telling some of my peeps to stop recharging until spring. Love the game, but it has been clear for some time the devs have been trying to sell this.


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              Stopping upgrade/support simply means Flash will not continue to evolve & Wartune will not require a newer version (because there's no newer version to use). If you don't mind keeping deprecated plug-ins (& possibly an older version of a browser), it can still run as-is, until some day this game perishes (which probably happens before Flash's extinction any ways).