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Worst game/company (r2) ever seen

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  • Worst game/company (r2) ever seen

    Are u "expletive" kidding me? I go Di and after fighting the boss i get pulled into EF hell then after my party in di loses 30 seconds on dice spin i get pulled back in Di for the next boss then i get pulled again in Ef and same after every boss in Di i get pulled to Ef, ruining Di for everybody in the party. I have never seen such incompetence in my life in any other company, product. You had like 2 or 3 months to fix the mpd matching, just how incompetent are you "expletive" ppl ? And you want votes for the best mmorpg, are you joking? I would be embaresed to get out of the house if i were in your company. I'm sure gonna let everyone know on any profile forum and social media i get on how bad you ppl are. This game has gotten way way way beyond bad.
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    i was in DI other day 3 of us lost our rewards one kicked or lost net.when i said something in WC someone said just quit he is a casher who likes all arenas broken you either win big or losed big worse matching i ever seen.i went to FB to games have less lagged give more R2 you are one of the worse dont care about the players only whales.shards removed from crypt shop where most ppl play rooms you taken alot of the rewards have to pay for them i have over 400 friends on FB i wont recommend this dying game thanks to your mismanagement of the game R2. IN BUSINESS IF I SUCKas much as ppl making decisions i would be fired long time ago.