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Common words censored as curse words

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  • Common words censored as curse words

    Can you guys PLEASE update the censoring system, the censor is clearly broken an needs a serious change!
    I get that we can't say alot of curse words, but some curse words you guys either don't care about, don't see as a curse word, or simply don't what they mean.

    Curse words that can be entered in chat without being censored:
    God, Dammit, ***, Christ, Hell, an some others but I won't say them here, if neccesary I'm PM the Dev/Mod what greater curse words aren't censored.

    Censored words that SHOULDN'T be censored:
    GM, pula (middle part of the words Populace & Population), Communication (somewhere in middle part it will censor), and some competition games (especially "EVONY" however in my opinion that game is pathetic compared to Wartune, it's Wings of Destiny by IGG that you gotta worry about since they stole some of your, R2/7th Road, game mechanics like the Astral system for instance).

    Why is GM censored anyways? In chat that is the ONLY way we can ask for help your GMs! Plus GM can also mean Guild Master, so I ask again, why is this censored? And what is Pula? I've honestly never heard of that word.
    You guys need to test out what words can be said & what words can't, then FIX IT!
    Hear My Voice & FEEL MY WRATH!!

    Sarcasm is a language I am fluent in, you have been warned!

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    Well since you seem like a butthurt fundamentalist dipstick who perhaps is too addled to comprehend such things. I will attempt to explain them oh Grand Crybaby!

    How is God a swear word? Seriously? You should be slapped for saying that.
    Dammit I can understand to an extent, especially if you combine that with God.
    Christ falls under the same category *** God. Unless it's combined with another word or phrase like 'almighty' or 'in a cartoon' I just don't see it.
    *** is real simple to explain. It is because of the word assassin that it's allowed. An example of the opposite would be the word conspicuous. Because it has the word spic in it, a derogatory term for Latinos, that word gets censored in the middle.
    Hell isn't a swear word as it is a place of damnation according to many relations so learn to research.
    I agree 100% with your view on the whole GM thing. That is just ridiculous. I can't say GM to refer to my Guild Master or call out for a GM, Game Master, in world chat as it gets censored.
    That Had To Hurt!!


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      guess whoever the censor is, english is not their forte.
      perhaps whom so ever should go back to school and learn before censoring chat.


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        GM obviously meant goddam mofo. so ofc it was censored.


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          "goddam mofo" yay i learnt a new swear word


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            I don't think anything should be censored exept racism, sexism, homophobia and extreme profanity.
            Last edited by Stop_hating; 11-28-2012, 08:05 PM.


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              Admin is also banned for some odd reason. Any word with '***' in the middle of it is censored. And sex should not be censored. I say sexy a lot when something looks cool. Jerk is not censored etc.

              The filtering system is pretty broken and it is fun sometimes to play around to see which words are banned and which aren't