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Impossible to do tnanksgiving quest if ur under lvl 40

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    Concern is very much valid, just that the title is misleading.

    It is not impossible for below40 to do the event quest, they can still do the quests and exchange for boxes. just impossible to get alpaca without hitting 40 on time and then spamming balens.
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      Even you level 40+ u still don't get a chance to finish Thanksgiving quest. 1/3 quest is solo dueling (10/10) when you get 1 shard. Others (2/3) is training mounts, or alchemy which need a big cahser -.-
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        bringing this up since not an official response...

        Telling me I'm screwed and have no chance at all to complete this quest would be better than a ♥♥♥♥ you player, you dont get that chance, hence we will ignore your rant.

        You open so many new servers, and then bring time framed events. I DO plan on going to 40 asap, but the time I'm given starting this server it is mathematically impossible to complete this quest. Yes I do buy balens, but I'm seriously reconsidering continuing being a paying player simply because apparently even the people that PAY YOUR PAYCHECKS seem to get no response what so ever from an official admin.

        The game is good, but making impossible quests is simply unacceptable, I'm all for finding a free to play game I like, and i will always be a paying player simply because I knows these games do not stay alive without paying players, but pulling these kind of moves makes me move to the next game and say BB to this game.
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