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most effective astral

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  • most effective astral

    I have purple pdef, mdef and block astral, all at lvl 5.
    im a tank knight build and im lvl 45.
    i have those 3 astral and only got 2 slots to fit in. the other 2 slots i using for patt 720 (purple) and reduce damage 12% (orange).
    which will be the best to carry in order to make my knight more effective?
    those pro out there, do give some advice.

    thank you.

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    Purple MDef and PDef can be switched depending on who you're fighting, keep block one on at all times.
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      with astral block on, if you have block more than 1500, try use it. last slot for pdef. and don't forgot to pray that your will block your enemy attack to, i don't know, maybe 1 from 3 or 1 from 4 attack. don't know how much point you need to get 10% chance to block. gambling mode on.
      or you can just use pdef and mdef . raw power mode on. just like this one knight in my server. he only 2 lvl higher than me, but he have 2k more damage, 1k more pdef and mdef than me. don't know how many horses he have.
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        Originally posted by DeathRiver View Post
        Purple MDef and PDef can be switched depending on who you're fighting, keep block one on at all times.
        i mean as in when i offline or running dungeon/ catacomb. pls advice deathriver.