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My 2 Cents.

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  • My 2 Cents.

    Well, I'm not going to lie and say I've read a single other suggestion thread in the last couple of weeks. I am simply going to list a few things i'd like to see ingame/changed/fixed.

    1) Arena Refresh button. Simply a button to refresh the people whom you have to chose from, to duel. Truthfully, its not that hard to exit, Click Arena, and press a big blue button, But why if you can refresh from the convenience of your own.....duel page.

    2) V.I.P EXP. - granted, it still gives the actual amount you're supposed to get, at the end, when it reads "EXP 3918(V.I.P Exp 17)", something isn't right... For sure when you're supposed to get 80 or 90% bonus.

    3) Real-time "Hero Rankings". In the Duel Arena, it'd be nice to see who is in what position, in real time(or close to real time). Granted, this is fairly useless, just would be nice never the less.

    4)A way to turn on and off notifications for things such as tree energizing and friends logging on/off. (a.k.a If I didn't want to know you just energized my tree, i'd turn off that setting... or: If I simply don't care with 99% my friends log on, turn it off, and have the option to turn it on for a select few.) Also, option to get login AND logoff notifications for selected friends.

    5) way to purchase two months, three, six, or even 12 months of VIP, at a slightly increasing discount. its also a great marketing ploy, people always want stuff if they think they're getting an amazing deal.... its human nature.(Look at the Black-Friday sale crowds!)

    6) Fix for Farm EXP bugs, EVERY time you get to an even amount(a.k.a 400/400 - 460/460) Farm exp, it freezes, and it appears some people don't have this issue, but I know I myself do, along with atleast four people I know, thats that I know of, on One server. It freezes for a day or two at a time, sometimes more, making us minority fall behind those who don't have such issues.

    I'll add more but its late and I'm tired so this will do for now...


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    For #6, that would be best placed in the Bug Reports section of the forums, with screenshots if you can. It won't get looked into if it's buried in the suggestion section.
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      I've submitted Support tickets, twice. the issue has yet to be resolved for more than 24 hours at a time. But I may aswell put it in the Bug Reports section aswell, thank you.


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        I think 2 and 4 sound awesome, hope the gm's see them and at least consider adding them :3
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