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Treasure Inventory

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  • Treasure Inventory

    The new inventory thing for 2500 balens / bound balens.

    Is it a permanent unlock or we need to renew it ?

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    It does not say anything about an expiration date after you activate it so it better be permanent especially with the price tag. If it is not, there are going to be alot of unhappy players.

    You get an extra 5 pages which seems overkill for what you can store in it. You can only store gems, diamonds, divinity souls and crystals.
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      It should be permanent since the "temp" pages have a timer, wouldn't make sense otherwise and they'd need to heavily compensate players. It's a decent thing, but agree on 5 pages being overkill, think it would be perfect if it allowed clothing to be stored there as well, would make it much better overall.


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        all kind of shards should be storable, also cloths. just all things u can "refine", synthesize, recycle, etc