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Last source of luck charms

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  • Last source of luck charms

    The only source where luck charms can be found.. (if lucky maybe twice a month from refresh):

    Click image for larger version

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    Happy clothing synthesizing all

  • #2
    You can still buy them in the shop for 395 balens/bb each, but yea clothing synthesis is a joke anymore and totally not worth the money for events.


    • #3
      I know that clothing shard exchange event allows 3 shards for 1 luck charm / fashion core,
      but I'm referring to how often we get to see a luck charm in the misery shop now.


      • #4
        I can't say I am having a low count of GLC, but I synthize wings without glc, so I get a big surplus there.


        • #5
          Pretty much no one has enough luck charms to upgrade high level wings. Even super cashers might hesitate to drop thousands on upgrading wings, since it's not that big a bonus. We really have no choice but to gamble during events most of the time. A few successes can net you enough charms to guarantee synth later, but if your luck is bad, you lose all your progress and get no charms, so the game basically hates most of us.


          • #6
            I've been opening my boxes and exchanging the fashion shards. It's working ok for me so far, but I'm only at level 6 and 7 clothing.
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              You need 80 charms for L6 to L7, I believe. which means 160 to L8, 320 to L9, 640 to L10, 1280 to L11 and 2560 to L12.

              From L6 to L12, you are looking at 5040 charms to L12 wings. That is NOT including the charms you'll need to get the second wing to those levels for you to synth in the first place. So you are looking at over 10k charms to get L12 wings.

              Spend balens to get charms?
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                I have three that I can't use for some odd reason.


                • #9
                  I stopped doing cloth synth event since they nerfed the luck charm chance. With the current conditions (higher fail rate, no reward for lower combines, less reward, no reward for lvl 3-4) you have to spend much more than you gain. Why would anyone spend 20 fashion core and 20 luck charm to get 5 and 2 and 2 chest? I rather save the few fashion cores still available for refining cloth. Maybe one day they will inflate / add back luck charms then we can do it again. But I doubt. Nerfs happen on daily basis, but reward improvement is scare.
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                    They have all these charm events and yet charms are never in any exchange. Maybe if you could get 20 for 30 chests, that would help immensely. Otherwise, no one will be doing wings anytime soon.


                    • #11
                      I find that the clothing shard exchange for lucky charms works nicely, plus I collect the occassional one up in the wilds shop
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