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About Medusa skills,help?

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  • About Medusa skills,help?

    Hello I really cannot chose last skill I have only 1 spot left so help me.....Aquilon's blessingreduce dmg by 40% last 3 rounds) or Aquilon's Lament(210% dmg but hits 2 times cd 25 sec.) Thank you for help <3

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    Aquilon's blessing has a nice effect, but it takes awakening points, which means it's terrible for an active sylph. Your benefit in reduced damage is largely removed by losing sylph faster, which lets your opponent kill you easier.

    For a backup sylph in CW, it's not too bad an idea, since it helps keep that medusa alive to steal again.

    Aquilon's lament is a decent skill, but I don't know many who use it. I would definitely take it over aquilon's blessing though.