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    Originally posted by MsKink View Post
    well, i can understand you enjoy poker. but saying that there is nothing wrong with this is a huge statement. There is a lot of wrong with it... Not gonna argue with you though, if you dont care about being scammed into a 20% fee and the inability to play the actual game while you play poker, its your problem, not mine
    Ok, sorry I was wrong in saying "nothing", the 20% is high, from a 100 chip pot u end up with 80 chips, and the other 20 goto in the points pool winner takes about 10, and the rest get like 2 points each, depending on the number of players. You use those points in the poker shop, if you are a good player to spend 100 or 200 on poker and gain flames from the shop than buying them outright, it is actually cheaper. Unless your push all in on a flush when the other guy has a straight flush ( oops).

    There is one good reason I can see behind the rake, it stops players points farming with their alt. R2 can't let anyone have stuff for free .